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SEPTEMBER 24, 2009

The official first screen shot of Mafia Wars Moscow has been released

Mafia Wars Moscow
Mafia Wars Moscow will finally arrive on September 24, 2009. Now, the inside information on the biggest new shockers of Moscow. As it turns out, There are no longer job tiers, rather the game is broken into "Episodes" with each episode containing individual "Chapters". In total, there are 6 Chapters, (Of which, only two will be available at the launch) and the other 4 will be coming shortly after the release. For the first Episode, "Baklany", the game starts you off with a choice. You must either join the Vory v Zakone or the KGB styled Russian Mafiya. The primary difference of this choice focuses on the jobs that will be unlocked and the loot that will be available to you through the jobs. Now, you will have to rely on the "family" that you choose to complete each chapter. You cannot move onto the next chapter until you complete the one that you are working on. On top of this, there will be a new Mafioso Boss that you need to fight at the end of each chapter to unlcok the next one. These bosses are tough, and made primarily for the higher level players (+70 lvls).

However, what is the new expansion without some new weapons and add-ons. In total, there will be 6 new Achievements, 5 New Businesses, 6 new Collections and OVER 50+ NEW WEAPONS, ARMORS, AND VEHICLES with Russian themes! There are even some new cute Russian nesting dolls. The fighting structure will have to undergo some changes during this expansion, and it is unclear how the two sides are going to fight against or with each other in the new Moscow Release.

Mafia Wars: MOSCOW

Mafia Wars From Russia With Love Post Card
Privet and welcome to Moskva! From this old and storied city, two rival groups - the Vory v Zakone and the Russian Mafiya - pull the strings of illegal enterprise across the globe.

However, your arrival in the city has upset the balance of power. Will you side with the Vory, the princes of thieves and the Old Guard of the Russian underworld? Or maybe you'd prefer the company of the brutally ruthless and efficient Mafiya? The decisions you make will have consequences, so choose carefully. Udachi!

The challenges in Moscow may be greater than those you faced in New York or Cuba, but so are the rewards. Once released Moscow will be available to those level 70 or greater.

Mafia Wars Moscow Teaser